Dear Sir,
Here are 3 Gold Supplier membership below:
Gold Supplier Basic package ($1399)
Gold Supplier standard package (standard offer $2999)
Gold Supplier Premium package (standard offer $5999)
Option 1: Designed for professional exporter to start online marketing Seriously!
Standard Package 1 Year Gold Membership Standard ( 10 Product Showcases, best ranking! ) 2999USD
Option 2: Designed for small & excellent company who want to start 1st year as a Trial!
Basic Package 1 Year Gold Membership Basic  ( 5 Product Showcases) 1399USD
Option 3: Designed for big company have diversified product categories and want to get Best Exposure.
Premium Package 1 Year Gold Membership Premium ( 25 Product Showcases, maximum exposure, open API  ) 5999USD
Part 1: What is the major differences between the 3 packages?

a. Number of showcases, Basic Package with 5 showcases, Standard package with 10 showcases, Premium package with 25 showcase

b. Personalized Customer Service available for premium package, 1-on-1 personal assistant to guide you make best use of Gold Supplier account by email and phone

c. free promotion on trade shows or other significant events for premium package only
Part 2: Why more showcases so important to you?

Two ways to find more serious buyers for your business inside

1. Get higher ranking for all your listings.
2. Quote to RFQ buyers every day! Quote now here:

How to be outstanding in ranking easily?
Showcase It is the NO. 1 tool for you to highlight your ranking! If Gold Supplier service is a shop, the showcase product should be the road sign leading buyers to your shop!

What is Showcase:

Showcase case is the most powerful function of Gold Membership.

It's a ranking service that highlight your products both at the mini-site and in customer search.

It is the NO.1 tool helps you to get maximal exposure on alibaba


So where can we find showcase products on Alibaba?

Here is one example:


 1.     We search for keywords saffron on,

 2.     Then we find there is a Iran saffron on the Top4# of 1st page.

 3.     You can also click the suppliers company name to visit Minisite.

This is why we say, showcase is a ranking service that highlight your products both at the mini-site and in customer search.

Comparison of view and click between random products. We did random survey on the results of different products recently.
Example 1: Gold Supplier Showcase products VS non-Showcase products
Method Machine Works is Gold Supplier for 10 years, we did analysis on its posted over 120 products and 10 showcase products, below is the view and click of each kind of products in certain period.
Example 2: Gold Supplier Showcase products, non-Showcase products VS IFM products
Method Machine Works as a Gold Supplier posted over 120 products and 10 showcase products. And Frigja is a free member since 2007, it has 8 products posted. Below is a comparison of their results in certain period.

Showcase is one of the most powerful function, help you to highlight your products list in front of your Gold Supplier Competitors.
More showcases, more exposure!
Price: $5432 for extra 15 showcase for one year 12 months!

Part 3. Extra Inquire Package (EIP) is newly added for you
EIP is an independent paid service, opening for Gold Supplier members only.
By EIP, you can get free promotion via our partnered website, like, Facebook! We will bring those buyers and traffic to your Gold Supplier website for free

We only charge you after you check buyers inquires quality and confirm to quote, each customer is charged only $12.  Like the prepaid phone bill, you put some money into EIP account, and the fee will be deducted by the system after your quote.

Here is landing page for Extra Inquire Package:

So Take Gold Supplier membership + EIP service, we can advertise our products everywhere, in the whole internet!

1 year guaranteed service, the best proposal below:
Here are 2 proposal recommended to you:
Packages Promotion offer Detail
Basic $1399 a:. 1 Year Gold Membership
b:. 5 Showcase
Standard $2850
(Original Fee $2999)
a:. 1 Year Gold Membership
b:. 10 Showcase
c:. Minisite Customize
d:. 200 Products Listing
Premium $5699
(Original Fee $5999)
a:. 1 Year Gold Membership
b:. 25 Showcase
c:. Minisite Customize
d:. 200 Products Listing
1 month free TOP Banner on Your Country Channel Homepage (value of $300)

$500 deposit into Extra Inquiry Package, $12 is charged for each answered inquiry, no quote, no charge.

So would you like to take Standard or Premium?

If you ask my suggestion, and my advice is if you have more best-selling products to promote here, then premium package ($5699) is more suitable to you. It can surely bring you best business compared with most other standard members! Especially, from 2015, focus on serving paying members from our major markets. We expect for a win-win cooperation with each other!

Any questions, please feel free to let me know.
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